Monday, 21 November 2016


Before I had my son I was a huge fan of dry shampoo, but now sadly it doesn't matter if I have clean hair or not most of the time, but in situations where I have no time ( which is all the time!! ) I find myself without dry shampoo; and my friend suggested to me one day - also a mum of two, to try baby powder.
I thought to myself, ' why not ' and now it's my holy grail, its perfect for the quick days where you don't have time to wash your hair straight away. I use it the night before so its not so white and obvious and the smell isn't so strong, even though there are worst things in the world you could smell of. The next day is just as effective just takes a bit more work to remove the whiteness.  It soaks up all the oil and makes your hair look silky soft again.
Try it out.It's cheaper then dry shampoo and has multiple uses, which is all about what i'm for to save a pound or two where i can.
Nicola xxx 

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