Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lush Christmas - star light star bright

I know normal people will of used up all there christmas bath products from lush, but i'm still getting through all of mine, I really like to make them last. Today i'm talking about star light star bright; which is a bath melt. I wasn't a huge fan because as i expected the slight glitter was a bit of a nightmare because even though it didn't stick to the skin it made a mess in the bath, which is ok but a little annoying. 
The product smelt really nice, and like all the other bath products made the whole of my upstairs smell beautiful. It was strange how it was blue on the inside, which i liked about the product because it was a nice little surprise that i didn't expect. 
If i had the choice i wouldn't buy again just because i have used other products i have preferred them, but included in a gift set i would use it again. 
It did what it stated it would do which i always think is a good thing about a product. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

opi nail set

For christmas this year i got my first ever opi product! How exciting, and makes me wish i could afford to use opi all the time, but sadly right now i can't.. but one day i will! Hard work has to pay off at some point. I got a very nice set of 4 mini nail vanishes. They are from the Gwen Stefani range. 
A very nice red, purple a red and gold glitter and a very nice metallic red, purple colour. 
They are the cutest things you ever saw. They are so tiny, i thought they would be hard to paint with because they are so small. But surprisingly they are quite easy. It is such a nice gift to receive. It's available to buy online here - at £14.99, so make sure you get one either for yourself or for a loved one! 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

yankee candles

For christmas my sister bought me a candle holder, it's a cute flowery little stand and it has 3 glass tea light holders, its a beautiful piece to put in the middle of the table, on a sideboard or any type of furniture. I have mine on my desk in my front room, because i thought it would look lovely on the coffee table, but with having a big dog having glass at his level isn't a very good idea.

She also bought me some tea lights to go in the holder, some nice yankee ones that i haven't tried before. 
Pink Sands, the colour looks very nice in the holder as well because it matches the decretive flowers on the stand. 
You get a nice pack of 12, and they are quite large, larger than normal tea lights. 
Yankee candle do basically every candle they sell there is a tea light version so if you would rather buy little candles and try lots than spend £20 on one and maybe not like it. These also make a very nice little gift because they arent too pricy, and its something people can use all the time are on special occasions. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Brand series - month 1, week 1

Welcome to part one of my new mini series that will be on going for a few months. 
Basically each month i will choose a brand and then mention some of the best products from the brand, and worst.. if i've really disliked something. It also gives me a reason to try out some new things! Which of course makes everything good when you have a reason to buy make up. I thought it would be quite interesting. Every Saturday there will be a post about this, so here is number one.. Enjoy.

MUA- Make up Academy 
One of the cheapest make up brands out there, which of course is a great thing because you can try different shades of things for next to nothing before you splash out and buy something from a different brand. Like a lipstick, you never know what type of colours suit you until you try them.. and it must be very disappointing to spend £10 on a colour that does not suit you at all! 
It's a great brand, that is sold in superdrug's. Every one i have been in stock this brand because i know smaller stores dont stock as many make up counters but luckily this one is everywhere. If you haven't tried anything from this brand, or haven't heard of it. Where have you been?? 

The product i'm talking about today is an eyeshadow trio and i have mention it before but it was quite a while ago. 
How cute are these little trios, and only £2.50, they have lots of different shades avaible to make the perfect eye shade. one colour for the crease and then all over shades. I think they are a great idea. You do get a small applicator with it, but i wouldnt reccomend it because i dont think they are the best quality. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Yes another hair mask....

I've used herbal essences masks before, and really liked them ( mainly for the smell ) but that doesn't matter. They just smell divine. So fruity.
This beautiful ends, split end protection mask is no different. As you can imagine its so fruity and strong. Beautiful, i bought this the other day at superdrug, for less than £2. 
You can buy them from superdrug boots, supermarkets. Basically everywhere that will sell shampoo and conditioner, you'll find this. This really is a bargain product. A lot of people that i know don't use hair masks but my hair really needs something extra about once a week. Its a nice little treat, i have long hair so my ends get a little knotty and dry so i need something to give them an extra boost, and this does the trick. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Products of 2014

I have a feeling as i start writing this it's going to be a lengthly post mentioning some of my true favourites from the year. Things that have stood out that i can say wow that saved me in 2014, and hopefully will do the same in 2015. 

Body shop oil cleanser
Starting with skin, because i think it might be the smallest category. I've always been quite lazy with my skincare which is why i can't complain when i have spots, but things that have helped me in tricky situations, or just that i think have made an improvement is a cleanser . It is the body shop oil cleanser, its really nice, its the first oil i have used and i really like it and would be without it and will be sure to buy another when it runs out 

Rimmel Stay matte liquid
I haven't really had that many holy grail products of this year, but looking through my make up bag i thought i would mention some products that have been great all year ( or as long as i've owned them '
Foundation wise i've had 2 that i've really liked, and both of them i'd buy again. They are also quite different too, as one is more of a summer foundation and one a winter ( in my opinion ) 
First up is ' Rimmel stay matte liquid ' it was a very weird product to try, as i've used mousse foundations before like the famous matte mouse, but this one came in a tube. It was great throughout the summer, because i had quite oily skin so i thought it really helped combat that oil. 
Rimmel lasting finish
It is a very nice foundation and is reasonably priced too. 
The second one i used; am using now is ' Rimmel lasting finish ' this foundation is a liquid so personally for me is better in the winter because thats when i tend to get slight dry patches, and obviously a mouse type is drying and clings to all the dry bits of skin. 

 Benefit Porefessional
Staying with face, i wanted to mention a primer and i only have one and yes it can only be benefits porefessional. This product has been amazing whenever i have really needed something extra this has helped, with long nights out or hard days at work when i know i've needed to try and look my best i have applied this before my foundation. Its slightly pricy ( not expensive ) but it cost me around £28, and the tube isn't huge but you need the tiniest bit and it goes a very long way. It has to be in my 2014  best ones.

Soap And Glory Shower Gel 
I have to add a shower gel, not everything could be beauty related could it? I have hardly used any of these bottles through the year though because they last forever! Soap and glory shower gels. I love the Sugar Crush one, because it just smells so fruity; but i have tried many of the others scents and still would keep trying others. I love these and always will i believe.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 
In January i got the real techniques expert face brush. I use it every day to apply my foundation. I love it, it helps to blend everything in really well. I now couldn't imagine my life without it. It also washes really easily and dries quickly too. Its around £9.99 everywhere sold. 

Tresemme Hair mask
I love Hair masks, but i'm going to mention the one i'm currently using at the moment because i love it. The Tresemme reconstructing deep conditioning hair mask.  The smell the consistency, even the amount you need. I have very long and thick hair and i dont need much for it to be effective. The size of the product is good too because you get a hell of a lot so you can make it last a long time. 

I hope everyone has a great 2015, and hoping it is better than the last for everyone! 
Happy New Year