Wednesday, 31 December 2014

21st Birthday Celebrations

I'm so struggling to sort my birthday out, has anyone had a bodyshop party at home before? I'm in contact with a rep and i know the lady is available when i need her. But i want to know if its worth it, i dont want to ruin what should be my best birthday, and make my friends bored. Suggestions? If not can anyone think of something beauty related i can do instead. Maybe visiting a spa? getting a few treatments. Shopping? Any suggestions Welcome.
With it being a special birthday i really do need to go all out. It's all so exciting, bring on some good times with my family and friends.It's the best reason to have a birthday. 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The best christmas present a girl could ask for!

I was so excited on christmas afternoon when i opened the best present i've received. A make up product of my loving fiancee, showing he does pay attention to me and about what i hint at him all the time. I've only tried one product from benefit and it was the porefessional, i've found it to be very good at what it states and has really lasted me a long time and is worth every penny, so i have been looking forward to trying some more things from the brand. 
It has 5 different compartments as you can see that hold different things for your skin. 
A mini porefessional, which will last a lifetime. Mini hello flawless, a boi-ing product, with 2 different shades so you can mix them together to get the perfect shade for under eyes etc. A face powder and a small brush to apply the powder with. I won't use the brush as i have a lot of powder brushes that i prefer, but i think its good that it comes with one just incase you dont have any.  It comes in a book type format, and when you open the lid there is instructions about what to do with every product which is good for any newbies to make up. It also has a large mirror so you can carry it around, the product isn't too big that you can't fit it in a handbag. You can take out every product but the powder which is handy. obviously i dont know the price as it was a gift.. and i dont want to know how much it cost because i think it takes away that important thing about receiving a gift, but if your interested you can check as i know it was purchased from there.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Body shop sale!

The best time of year is january ( well if you like to spend a lot of money on basically everything you dont really need ) So this post is about exactly that, The Bodyshop sale.
Body Butters at £6.50 wow! 
It is also 30% normal priced items too, so surely you can find something and still get a good deal out of it, and really thats what we all want.
Also like i have mentioned before you still get your 10% if your a love me beauty card holder, and if your not like i've mentioned before you really need to spend that £5 because its worth it. thats 10% all year round, and then other promotions, like 40% its to good to miss out on.
I have posted a link to my favourite product range from the sale, but there is also products from the peach range which i would love to try. 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Beauty Brands

Today's post is a little sneak preview of what will be coming in the new year. I have decided to do reviews throughout the year ( as long as i can ) of products. Each month will be a different brand and each saturday there will be a review from that brand. All my favioures, that i want to share with you. I also thought i could start to try other brands throughout the year. And give you some ideas of something new for you to try. 
Sneak Peak
January is all about Rimmel!
I will try my very best to not mention things that i've mentioned before, but like i said in my opinion they are the best from the brand so many somethings will be repeated. I promise i will do my best to not keep blabbing about the same things. 
Let me know if there is a particular brand you want me to talk about. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Soap And Glory

I went out today and bought myself a nice little soap and glory set. Every year i like to have a wonder into Boots to see what they have for half price. Sadly where i live the Boots is so small so normally i can never really go all out because there isn't a lot left in there, and especially because i didn't bother going on boxing day i left it even longer. 
Last year i got myself a sanctuary gift that was really great value for money and this year wasn't any different. 
It came in a very nice tin which i think makes it more appealing. Once i left town i realised i should of bought a couple for birthday gifts throughout the year. But now i guess i can check tomorrow if they dont have any left then its my own fault. 
Inside you get 3 products as you can see in the photograph. I haven't ever tried the orange scented range from soap and glory so it was a bit of a risky thing to buy incase i didn't like it( i would of found a friend that liked it ) 
This set was originally £16, so i got it for £8! BARGAIN! 
inside you get a mini body butter, a 250ml shower gel ( half the size of the normal shower gels ) and a super tonic orangeasm fragrance. 
Luckily i like the smell, its so fruity. It reminds me of something that body shop would sell. 
I think this would of been a nice set to get someone as a gift. Check your local boots see if they have any gift sets left from Christmas because they are all half price!! 

Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have had a wonderful day/days. Now it's time to prepare for sales and town being busy. The madness would of started today, but for me it doesn't start till tomorrow. And i'm really hoping i can find some good beauty buys. I have seen a few things online, so we will see. 
Hopefully you got some great gifts for christmas so maybe you can be sensible and sane and not bother with any sales. I like to have a look and if i dont find anything that i dont want i never really mind. I won't just buy something for the sake of it, because i got everything and more for christmas. 
Enjoy spending your hard earned money, but dont go overboard!! 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lush - Honey I Washed The Kids

Today's product from Lush, is a soap.. And it's going to last a long time. I decided to just chop a little bit off instead of using the chunk ( i assume that's what most people do ) it makes it last longer, without going all horrible as it sits on the side of the bath/sink.. Where ever you choose to keep it. I was rather impressed with it, it lathered up nicely and smelt like caramel ( made me think of food. ) not a good idea. I really liked using it, and am sure i will enjoy using it until it runs out.. in a long time.
There is the link if you want to buy it for yourself. it's worth a buy though. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Make up gift guide

A good make up gift set is perfect, for a beauty lover. And i wanted to share a few with you, that i think are great. Most of them are the higher end scale price wise, because its mainly higher end brands that do the sets, but I will include any affordable ones i can find. 

I'm going to start with benefit, they have lots available but i thought id just mention one, otherwise we would be here forever. 

I went with the Benefit primping with the stars all time greatest fake its kit. Yes its got a crazy long name. it retails on for £26.50 
it has the famous porefessional which i have tried and really liked, also lasts a long time so this sample should last a lengthly time, a rose tinted lip and check stain. stay don't stray stay-put for congealers and eyeshadows and many more. All minis so very cute and easy to use for travel. Also a good thing to try a product out without buying a normal size for full price. 
it all comes nicely package in this box as you can see underneath. 

I thought i would turn to Urban Decay next. I found a nice 24/7 eyeliner set. It contains four of the double ended eyeliners. 

It's £27 on and is available anywhere that sells urban decay like John Lewis, and many other department stores. Or check out Urban Decay website. It's not hard to find if there is stock available. 

Also From Urban Decay, Is the new Naked on the run palette. This palette is truly beautiful, every girls christmas dream. 
How beautiful is that? 5 Shadows, 1 highlighter,2 blushers, 1 eyeliner pencil, a mascara and a lip product. All for £37.00 . Yes pricy but imagine see someones face when they open this present, its beautiful. If you know someone who is a true beauty addict this gift is right for them. 

The outside is like something you have never seen before. PERFECTION! 

Christmas idea's under £10

Some times you have to live life on a budget and that doesn't change just because it's Christmas. So if you running behind and still need to buy some presents and are running low on cash; i thought i'd put together a quick post with some ideas to hopefully help you out. ( not all beauty related just to warn you )
You can play it safe and go with chocolate, there are enough choices available everywhere this time of year. And if they don't like chocolate ( crazy people! ) then there are sweet options available too. 
That will never cost too much to do. 

Get something handy, like socks scarf gloves or a hat. We all need them this time of year and is perfect for all ages. 
Can you remember a year when you didn't get a diary from someone, Why change tradition? buy someone one. Available in supermarkets, pound shops and places like wilkos. 
Depending on age, there are nice gift sets of alcohol available. From beer, to wine to spirits something for everyone. They are also well priced too, in supermarkets, while stocks last. Every mum needs a strong drink after slaving away in the kitchen all day.

Or just buy them something they would buy themselves, bits of make up, hair bits special shampoos and confessions sounds boring i know, but i know how much id appreciate something like that. You would also be saving them a little money because they would need to buy it anyway some point. 


I wanted to tell you all about some really nice blush pallets available in Superdrug at the moment, The brand hasn't been around for a very long time, and as far as i'm aware these palettes are newer to the range of products. 
And they are £6.00!
 An absolute bargain, it's so cheap, such good value for money. You get 8 different shades in the palette. 
There are also different ones available, 
One is darker than the other - Sugar and Spice
As you can see they are more pink tones of blush, which some people prefer.

The other one is Hot Spice, as you can see its more browns. 
These are only 2 shades available, but i think you had a good variety in there. And if you consider you can have 16 blush shades for £12, can you complain? 
Looking for a new blusher, try one of these instead i'm sure you'll be more than happy.

Friday, 19 December 2014


I've been using a new cleanser recently; you'll know this due to my shower post. It's the body shop oil cleanser, and is lovely! I think it's going to last a really long time too, as you need one or two pumps and thats all. When you first apply it obviously it makes your face greesy and oily, but once it's washed off it doesn't leave your skin feeling horrible. It makes your skin softer.
You can buy it from the link above for £10, or obviously in body shop stores. There is also a balm cleanser available from the same camomile range; so you could try that instead that is £12 so not much difference. 
I am really impressed with this product. And will most definitely repurchase when it runs out. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sleek Party Box

This is a great idea for a gift.. If not for christmas you could save it for someones birthday, or for yourself. We all need a good treat every now and again.
This box includes 6 different products from the make up brand. And they are all good favourites.
Also a good mixture of things. 
In total if the products were bought full price it would cost over £55, and can be yours for just £30 from,
This is a photograph of everything included but obviously things only come in certain shades.

I divine palette - storm
blush by 3 - pink lemonade 
gloss me - hawaii honey
full fat lash mascara 
Brow kit - dark
Eye and cheek palette - see you at midnight
Precious metals highlighting palette

I have listed everything above and in the correct shades that you would receive as i should if it's for you, you can have a look at what colours are inside the palletes.
It's a little late as a present for christmas, you might have time. But as i was saying you can save them for gifts, and if you have a lot of friends etc to buy for during the year you could even split them up for example one person might like the eyeshadows but not the blushers. It would also save you a lot of money and time in the long run. 
I think this is a great idea and is worth the money. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lush Hot Toddy

This is another review from my gift set from lush, ' 12 days of christmas ' this shower gel was included and i used it for the first time last night. 
I have to say i didn't like the smell, i'm not a fan of cinnamon so i knew i wouldn't like it, but i thought i would review it anyway. It wasn't like i went out my way to buy this product because i knew it wouldn't be for me. 
The texture however was nice, and it left my skin feeling nice and soft, and i would also recommend it to someone who liked that heavy scent, but not me. 
It has a shimmer in the bottle, but it isn't noticeable on the skin when you use it ( well i couldn't see it anyway ) 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Ciate advent calander- day 13

Today's colour was a nice pastel shade of yellow, very pretty. I think this is a summer colour and would lovely with a golden tan, ( hard to get in this country ) so maybe a fake tan. 
I think you would need a good few coats to make it opaque and noticeable, but nice to say the least. 
' Loop the loop' every day i opened my calendar i get surprised, and i love all the cute little names that ciate give to their colours, some are very random and dont suit the colour in the slightest. Someone has obviously spent a lot of time thinking of good creative names that no other company has used and i think they achieve everything they are after. 


I have treated myself to a new foundation, well really i didn't have a choice because i ran out of the one i was using... so i had to call to superdrug to buy another one, but i thought id change it up a little. Not to dramatic because i liked the one i was using. 
This is the one i am using now, i had the red top before.. Basically whatever they claim to do differently i disagree, i think they are both the exact same. Does anyone find they do different things? I purchased this one instead of the red top because they were out of stock in the colour i needed, and i liked the way it made my skin look and feel so i played it safe and got this one. 
It's very good at doing what it claims, and from its £7.99 which is reasonable enough. 
I would recommend it to a friend and would also buy it again when i run out, so obviously i think it's worth it. If your looking for a new foundation to try, try this one. It doesn't make my face look oily, or dry it out so it's a good one for every skin type. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Men's Gift guide

I find men so hard to buy for, but it depends on the man because obviously some are easier to please than others. Some men are happy with a bottle of alcohol and that's all, easy enough. But others aren't that easy to please. 
I have thought of a few ideas all quite different so hopefully you can find some ideas. 
You can always go for clothes or shoes depending on the person because some men or fussy, or some wouldn't appreciate that. 

Playstation or xbox games are a safe bet most of the time and there is enough out there to please people.
GTA 5 has just come out on playstation 4 and xbox one, so thats an idea, or call of duty. 

There are a lot of fragrance sets available, you could buy just a aftershave or in a gift set, some times that is the better deal to do. 
on superdrug you can get a bottle of one million, the best smell ever, for only £46 at the moment. That is a very good deal.

There is also a gift set which is the 50ml version with a shower gel and that is £41. It comes in a very nice tin, which he could keep if he wanted.

A good website to look on is
It's cheaper and you can find a lot of good deals on there for anyone, or you can just hunt around if you have the time in shops and the internet to find a good deal. Some cities or towns have small independent shops that sells these sort of sets so if you have one of them check it out first. 

I have found some really nice skin care gifts for men, but i know some men are too proud to admit to using moisturisers and face scrubs, but if you know someone who would appreciate that sort of thing here are a few suggestions. 

There is a really nice set from Clinique for £34, which is ok price wise depending on who its for and what budget your on.

It includes a scrub a shaving gel, a post shave soother, a moisturiser and a nice little bag to put it all in. Overall i think it's a really nice set that includes a lot for the price. 

On the other end of the scale there are cheaper altentives out there like this Nivea men set that is only, £6.67 at the moment on sale, at boots but it is only £10 originally anyway. 
This has less things than the clinique but it depends what you want to spend.
It includes a shaving gel a face wash and a moisturiser. A very good deal i think. 

Most men love gadgets, so why don't you buy them a gadget if they are more of a manly man. What about a nice phone case, or now everywhere you can find portable chargers, cool little chargers. Get your hands on one! 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ciate advent calandar - day 11

I was slightly disappointed in todays opening, which i knew would happen at some point. But i just dont think its a colour i would use, i will use it just because i hate wasting it, or ill give it away. I just dont like it to be honest. its not my shade at all. Amazing Gracie. It's way to light for anything id normally wear. a very pointless colour. 

Mua pallete

Yes I know they aren't the best quality eyeshadows in the world but I really do like MUA ( make up academy)  They are not only cheap, but they have quite a few different shades of colours. Each palette is quite different. I have had a few in the past, but moving house things get lost and broken and sadly they have all ended up in the bin due to breakages. £4 for a palette you don't expect it to last forever and be the best quality packaging. 
    So when I popped into superdrug the other day I picked a palette up. 
It's called the heaven and earth palette, and is the normal plain nude and brown collection, but it's the type of colours that suits everyone. Beautiful shades for any occasions. 
It has some really nice shimmer colours that you can really work with. a nice base colour and then a darker matter colour in the crease will look very nice. Any time of year. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Body shop

40% off everything and a free gift.. don't miss out if you want to buy something for a loved one for christmas from there.. it's too good to miss out on. You receive a moisturiser free of charge when you spend over £10, which is very easy to do. It's worth £11, so its a very good deal. Even if you give it to someone as gift, you've saved a bit of money.

It's a bit silly that if you are a member, you dont 40% off you only get 10% so check your checkout price and deals before ordering, as you should be getting the best deal possible. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lush- Olive branch

This is a shower gel from Lush, that i received in a gift set but i thought id do a review for you. 
I like to save things and make them last so i wasn't planning on using the shower gels until after christmas when i kind of ran out of what i was using at the moment. 
They are handy because they are small bottles so if you are going anywhere they are easier to use as travel size. But then i thought to myself i know a lot of products from Lush have a use by date, so i realised i have to use them. 
I went for Olive Branch first, it was just the first one i chose. I wasn't sure if i would like it, but surprisingly i did. It's the first shower gel i have used from Lush and was pleasantly surprised. The smell was slightly masculine, nothing floral like the scents i'm normally attracted too, and it wouldn't be one i would of chose in the shop after smelling the bottle.
It smelt really nice whilst i was applying it, and it slightly made the room smell similar. I used a tiny amount of product and it really lathered up over my whole body. It has also left my skin very soft. 
For 100g bottle it is £4.75, which is pricy and i think it would take me a lot to buy one at that price but i will see how long this bottle lasts as to weather i think its worth paying that price.
I have put a link incase you want to have a look and order one, also the ingredients are all listed incase you wondered what was in it. 
It's an orange colour, and has a weird substance in it, so be sure to shake it up before use. 

Ciate advent calandar - day 10

Today's colour is the first type of grey I've got, pillow fight. It's really nice, I love grey to have on one finger or all grey and one glitter. I like shades like this, because they go with any thing you wear and suit any time of year. It's a simple yet really beautiful colour. I'm sure grey must be one of the most popular colours now a days, yet it has a slight purpleness about it.  I see this type of colour everywhere. 
It's a nice shade of grey too, nothing to dull. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Ciate advent calandar -day 9

Today's colour was a very nice pink, kiss chase. It's a nice darker pink, if you go back a few days this isn't the first pink, hoopla was the other one I opened, but this one is darker.

It's very nice, and I look forward to using it. Mainly in the summer, that's when pinks are the best. Unless they are glitter. Pinks are nice and they always make everyone feel girly. 
I think this colour is a happy medium, it isn't super bright like rave pink, ( yes there is such a thing ) and it isn't pale, that you need ten coats. As i said, a nice happy medium

What's in my shower?

I thought this would be a nice little post because I don't think I've done one of these, or have and it was so long ago that I've forgotten. 

It isn't the best photo in the world, but it has my most important things in at the moment. 
Mostly soap and glory products as you can see! i love them always have, 2 shower gels, only one is open at the m minute and i'm sure it will last a very long time because it normally does. i'm using the sugar crush one, and have the clean girls one to use next. I also have a body cream as well, witch it the smoothie one. This smells like heaven, its honestly to die for. It makes your skin feel so soft and smooth too. Next up is my tresemme hair mask, i only use this about once a week, or twice if i think my hair needs a little something more. But because i use it so little it has lasted a long time. Its very nice and not to expensive to buy either. I will be repurchasing it when i eventually run out, unless i find another one i want to try. I have started using the body shop cleansing oil, it takes my make up off quickly and makes my skin feel soft after use. You dont need much just literally one or two pumps. It's the first oil i have ever used and i am really enjoying it. 
I have a scrub, its nothing special just a cheap one from tesco but it does what i need it to do so thats all good. My neutrogena wave is my bathroom as well, i use this every now and again. You have to replace the pads ( not expensive ) but i feel like i dont need it every day. 
I keep my sanctuary body oil here as well for when i get out the shower or bath to put straight on. It's a lovely product, and isn't like a oil at all. 
In the background i know you can see my watch, a face mask from superdrug and my baby lips. Just things that are normally knocking around somewhere in my bathroom. 
I d didn't include shampoo and conditioner because this changes on a weekly basis as to what i'm fancying at the time, but it isn't anything special. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ciate advent calander - day 8

Today when i opened my advent calendar i got some caviar pearls.
Deck the halls. I'm not a fan of these at all, because i think they are messy and never work. I can never get them to stay on my nails.But i'm sure at some point ill give them another go. 
They are a nice festive colour though, red and gold. Thats always a nice thing at christmas time. Because the calendar comes with a funnel i'm hoping it'll be easier to use than any other time i've tried it. I'm hoping so because other wise its a waste of a product. It does split the days up though getting something a little different, 


Finally i own a colour tattoo, its taken me forever to buy one and i dont really know why it took me so long.
And already i love it ! i thought it was a little pricy, but now i have it at home and have tried it out i didn't mind paying £4.99 for one shade. You can buy it from superdrug or boots. 
I have surely the most common, on and on bronze. i think its a nice colour to use as a base type colour or even just on its own. I never thought i would like to texture of the cream eyeshadows but i regret not buying one sooner because its a lot nicer than i thought. 

ciate advent calendar - day 7

This is by far the best. I was so pleased when i opened this day. So happy with it, 
It is called fit for a queen, but honestly the photo doesn't do it justice. Its beautiful, and i cannot wait to paint my nails with this colour.
I'm trying to give my nails a break and some tlc because I've been naughty recently and have been biting them. This colour will look good on everyone!! no doubt about it, its got a shimmer to it that makes it a stunning colour. I cant tell you how nice this shade is, check it out for yourselves its wonderful!! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Mua palate pinks

I thought for once I would buy a palette that wasn't full of nudes and browns, because that's what I tend to buy all the time, I guess when your comfortable with something, you get into a habit and it's difficult to get out of it. I saw this palette and it's slightly different to anything id normally buy. It has pinks and purples, slightly like the naked 3( from pictures as I don't own it ) I never thought id use the naked 3 because I didn't really care much for pinks, but now I'm thinking it might be worth a buy. 
As you can see in the photo, it has some really nice shimmers and matte colours, a very nice mixture. It also has a eyeliner and highlighter pencil included. 
This was £6.00 which is so reasonably priced. It's beautiful, if you want to buy someone a little something for their stocking this christmas. Make sure its this!! 
You can get this in Superdrug stores or on the internet. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ciate advent calendar- day 6

Today's colour was a very nice pastal purple, a lilac shade. its a very nice colour. called sugar plum. 
This type of colour is my favourite nail vanish. i own so many different brands and shades of purple. I think its really suitable and nice. I think its really nice and fresh and very girly. Also the type of colour you could wear all the time. Very pretty and i'm very pleased with this colour. Its beautiful. 

Ciate advent calendar - day 5

Today's colour is hoopla. It's a really nice peacy pink. It's a beautiful colour. The type of colour that would love very nice on tanned skin, but i'm sure it would suit anyone. It's a very pale color, that is more like a summer colour than a winter. But i guess some people dont mind what time of year they wear colours. 

Christmas Nail Guide

I thought i would put together a few different ideas for christmas, for a nail lover. If you know anyone who loves their nails then this is for you. 
You could always put together a bundle of their favourite colour, or even just a few ones from a certain brand. I think even though it takes a little more time and effort, you can spend whatever you like and it makes it a lot more personal and shows you know them well. 
Or you can simply buy a gift set, 
There are lots around on the internet for lots of different brands. 
Ciate have some very nice ones for sale, 
They do one called ' Candy Cane House' it has 4 of the glitter minis, all very suitable for the christmas period ( or all year round ) 
It's £25, but if you search the internet i'm sure you can find a bargain, if some sites are having sales. Because places like john lewis will be selling these sets.

Also very nice from Ciate is their tree trinkets, These are £8 or 2 for £12, so you can buy 2 people a gift and save a little money. These are more of a stocking filler or a secret santa, or if you are short for money and working on a budget these are lovely. They are a plastic bauble like thing that holds a glitter mini inside it, perfect to hang on the tree or is just a nice way of presentation. 
As you can see there are quite a few different shades available, all beautiful, but there will be one that everyone likes. 

O.P.I also does some very nice gift sets around christmas time. There is a lot of different sets you can get but a nice one that you can split into 2 gifts is the take ten one. 
This is a very nice one because as you see you get a variety, the reds are all very nice and festive, gotta love festive nail vanishes. This set though is in different packs, so you can split them both up and give 5 to each person if you wanted to, if you know someone who would use the lighter shades and would never touch the darker ones, some times it better to not bother giving them something they wont ever use anyway. 
There is so many different prices everywhere but i have found it on lookfantastic for only £17!! its a bargain. 

Essie do a few little nice gifts, the duos are very nice. 
This one is the best in my opinion the glitter is purely beautiful. There are lots of different ones available, some without glitters if you know they wont like glitter. 
Around £13 each. Boots sell these. 

I hope this helps you find something for your loved ones at christmas. 
Love Nicola xx

Saturday, 6 December 2014


As you are aware i have a few lush products to review for you all.. So today is about ANOTHER bath bomb, also another one i haven't tried before. This one is Cinders,and i have to admit i didn't really enjoy it. It didn't do ANYTHING, well from what i could tell anyway. It sent the water a horrible yellowy colour, not nice at all, and i couldn't even smell anything extra special while i was in the bath. and it all seemed a little pointless to be honest.
To buy its £2.50 which seems reasonable enough because its not very big, but like i said i found it pretty rubbish. it was a waste of time to be honest. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Ciate advent calandar -day 4

Today I have to admit I was disappointed because when I opened the door I didn't get a nail vanish, I got a braclet. I have to admit I look forward to getting a new shade every day, so when I opened it my bottom lip came out. It's quite nice it's like a black string with a small gold bow like the ciate brand on it. 
Nothing to brag about, it's ok just not the best quality. 

Ciate Advent Calendar- day 3

Today like most days i opened my advent calendar straight away because yes i'm a big kid, and today it was a nice orange shade. Not really suitable for this time of year but nice enough none the less. its called Hopsctoch. What a cute little name. 
Personally i think that this is a summer shade, but i also dont think it is as bright as it looks on the photograph, so if that puts you off if you have the option look at it in person before buying. It is a very nice shade of orange though. 

Lush Bath Time

I have actually finished used one thing from my lush gift set that i mentioned a while ago. it's the 12 days of christmas one;so as you would imagine there is 12 different things in the box. 
When you open it you can see everything which is a little annoying but i guess what you expect because it isn't supposed to be a surprise. So it was my choice what i wanted to use first.
I went for a bath bomb, all the bath bombs are christmassy as you expect so i chose at random. 
' Dashing Santa ' is the one i chose, and if you didn't know it is shaped just like a little santa claus. 
It's a really cute little one that obviously smells like christmas. It  doesn't claim to do anything extra special like some of them do, its just a bath bomb.You can buy this one individually  for £2.95, but it is only on sale around the christmas season.  It did make my bathroom, and the whole of upstairs smell very nice and it also sent the water red as you imagine it would. Bath bombs are more like something luxury that just smell extra special. So it was quite nice but nothing overly amazing to comment on. 

soap time

soaps are hardly heard of, or used anymore. But you cant beat a nice soap. So yes i purchased some of the body shops. I bought a pink grapefruit one, yes i know its no shock there. I also chose the honey one.They smell beautiful. Just like the hand creams that i bought for my friends stockings, i got them a soap to go along with the matching fragrance. 
These are only £2 each and the limited edition christmas ones are £2.50 each so are easily affordable. And are quite reasonable in size too. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hand creams

I love the body shop, and when i realised they did a hand cream in ' pink grapefruit ' i knew i had to buy one.NOW! As your all fully aware, i'm like a crazy person about this scent. So i put one in my basket and then thought i would get a hand cream for a few friends and family for christmas. 
I got some of my friends the coconut one, and my sister the frosted cranberry one which is a christmas limited edition scent.

The packaging is really nice, it comes in a nice tube and is nicer than the usual plastic packaging. The product is heavily scented of the flavour of choice. They are also reasonably priced as well. I think they are a great stocking filler for someone who likes to take care of them selves. 

I cant comment on the product because i think for a cream to work you need to use it for a while first. 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ciate advent calandar- day 2

This colour is a much easier one to use alone, and i think its a very nice all year round colour but one that mainly suits this season. Some people can never pull of a red ( or so they say ) but i think this colour would look lovely on anyone, from light to dark skin. Its a good all round colour. I think you could buy this for someone as a gift and i'm sure they would love it. Boudoir. 

Ciate advent calendar- Day 1

Yes this is a day late and i'm very sorry for that.. It wont happen again i promise, It Just means you get to see 2 vanishes in one day!
Because i have decided to post every day about every colour i get in my advent, some days there will be 2 posts.. which is all exciting, but obviously it does take more time.
I also have lush products to review for you all through out December, so it's going to be a very busy month! How exciting.
Sooo.. back onto the nail subject.
I got Snow globe!
This is more of a top coat then a colour. Glitters are harder to take of your nails, and with it being some a light shade, its harder to use. This colour will go with any colour, but with it being christmassy i think at the moment a nice deep red and a green, just to get in the festive spirit. 
It has nice big flakes in of silver and very light blue. A beautiful shade for this season.