Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sanctuary spa

5 day moisture cream body oil
I've heard great things about this product and finally persuaded myself to buy it, i'm a little disappointed in the packaging because i always think a pump dispenser is nicer to use and definitely would save on usage of the product, but that didn't put me off. The packaging and scent is just the standard sanctuary products.
It tells you to put on dry clean skin, and also states you can use it on damp skin if you prefer. I guess people have different times of the day when they apply it, and maybes its easier to do just after a shower, or for some its easier to do just before bed. 

It retails in boots for £7.00 but very often 3 for 2 is on a lot of the bath and body brands so you can get a good deal. 

Its a soft product that makes your skin feel very well looked after, and not sticky and oily like you expect it to do. Its a very nice luxury product for the price, so its worth a buy. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Real techniques

Duo fibre make up brush set
This is a lovely gift idea or something to treat your self with, which is obviously what i did. I really tried to fight temptation but I've been defeated, and found myself at the time, with my purse open!
For the price i couldn't complain, this set cost me £20 for 5 brushes, which considering some of the real techniques brushes are around £10 each, how can i feel guilty for getting such a good deal?
Most people have tried real techniques brushes, and if you haven't have you been under a rock? or just unable to commit to buying one. Go out now and buy any! Some of them are better than others. The blending brushes is my favourite, but it depends if your really into foundation, some people prefer the eyeshadow blending brushes;each to their own. 
These 5 are silver handled rather than gold or the other colours available, and they are beautifully soft to the soft. 
You get a few different brushes from blusher to eye shadow. 
Go on treat yourself today
Normally it retails for £30, but its on sale in superdrug for only £20!! 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Soap and Glory

Everyone loves this brand, and if they dont they are crazy! because i haven't met a girl who doesn't love the products with their beautiful fragrance. 
I have tried near enough every single product from shower gels, to make up. A bit of everything. So it wasn't a surprise then when i went into Boots and saw 3 for 2 was on that i went straight to the soap and glory section. I picked up 2 products from the brand,
- Sugar Crush Body Wash
- Clean Girls Body Wash
yes they both dont sound to exciting, but are wonderful. I haven't ever tried the clean girls one, but it smells quite nice. The sugar crush one is my all time favourite  It smells like lime, its so sweet and fruity. Just beautiful.
They were both £6.50 each, which is quite expensive; but its 100% worth it. They last forever, weeks and weeks. The product that just keeps going. With it being a pump dispenser it saves on a lot of waste. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Yes its kind of cheating, but i thought when i buy presents that are beauty ish related i will share with you because if your struggling for things to find maybe these little stocking fillers will help. something so simple for £4 yet a nice gift idea is this charlie set. It contains 4 body spray minis at 50ml. It has Charlie pink, Charlie Shimmer, Charlie Bittersweet and Charlie Red. 
Yes its not exactly the best present in the world, but for someone a little picky its easy and simple. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hair mask

I've been using a new hair mask recently and I really like it and highly recommend it. 
It's the tiresome restructuring deep conditioning hair mask. It comes in a 500ml pot, so its HUGE! from superdrug it is normally £4.99, which is a little pricy for a hair mask. But it was on promotion at £2.47 which i could not refuse! So yes i bought myself one, wish i had got 2.
Its really nice and after use it makes your hair feel so smooth and silky. I found that the first day it wasn't so soft, but the second day it felt wonderful. Like a whole new head of hair. Perfect. You dont need to use much so it will last a long time. So this is a good one to buy, also its still on offer!! get yourself to and get yourself one, or two!! 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Body shop

Yes i have a parcel on it's way, but mostly all christmas presents. 

I always check websites just seeing what new things are out at the moment. So when i went onto thebodyshopuk;i was pleasantly surprised.I love pink grapefruit fragrance which i have mentioned quite a lot of times. So when i saw there was more products in this scent that i hadn't tried i knew i had to make an order. When i added things to my basket i noticed the price was in correct, then noticed i had 40% off! how amazing i was going to order anyway so to see that much discount i was overly happy. Because i have a card for the body shop making me a member i received this discount so have done a little christmas shopping as well as a few goodies for myself. 

I think the discount was only on for 2 days so sadly isn't on anymore. But i think having a members card is totally worth it because you get certain discounts that only members get. and its only £5!  

Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Yankee Christmas

I love a good Christmas fragrance; and nothing is better than a glowing candle in the winter, so really Christmas smelling candles are perfect. I hate the thought of spending £20 on one candle, that gets to a certain point where you can't burn it any more and you waste most of it. Yes you have a nice jar that you can reuse in some way if you want to, which I have done with mine. But for the price I prefer to buy the small sample ones so I can have a few different ones to try rather than just one scent. 
      I recently bought 2 small candles from the Christmas range. 
There are a few different candles available. I've smelt a lot of them but there were a few i thought were too strong but might be different when lit. 
- Candy Cane Lane
- Christmas Garland
- Icicles 
-Snow In Love
-Baby Leaf wreath
- Sugared Apple
- Cranberry ice
- Red Apple Wreath
- Season Of Peace
- Sparkling Cinnamon
- Silver Birch Christmas Memories
- Angel Wings
- Christmas Eve 
- Christmas Cookie

I own Christmas Cookie and Christmas Eve. Out of the 2 christmas eve is nicer, it has the official christmas smell. But the other one is nice but like its named ' cookie ' its sweet. 
Some of the range are really strong so if you are interested in buying one make sure you give it a sniff. 
Yankee also do a very good range of christmas gifts. 

these voites are £10.99 and are a good idea for people who want to try different candles from the christmas range. 
Also avaibale is a yankee calander! how perfect 
This calendar retails at £24.99, and it holds mini christmas candles. For the price it is 100% worth it, there is also a different type of calendar available as well.It is shaped like a wreath like you can see in the photo. 
This one is roughly £30 and has 23 tea light candles and then one voite for christmas eve. as you can see in the picture it is beautifully packaged like a house which i think shows time and effort has gone into making this. also on a product like this i think packaging makes a massive differences. i am still tempted to buy one of these for my own house. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

a few goodies

My christmas Wishlist

Obviously everyone deep down knows what they want for christmas. Yet when they get asked, people say ' oh i dont know ' 
I've got a few things beauty related that i want for christmas so i thought i would share with you guys what i'm begging for from Santa.

Here is a link for a really great gift idea. and for me its perfect because i've only ever tried one thing from benefit and i hate the thought of spending quite a big amount on one thing and then to hate it so when i saw this a while ago i've been hinting for quite a long time
It's £66 and you get to choose a few different products, 

one complexion product, so you can choose from either ' porefessional ' ' hello flawless ' or the ' porefessional agent zero '

one cheeks product. either ' hoola' ' rockateur' or ' benetint ' 

Eyes - ' fake up ' they're real mascara ' ' gimme brow ' 

then you can choose a free gift. 

i thought this was such a good idea because you can choose what goes in the package. I WANT IT!! 

I love the look of a good palette like many.. but i have the naked 2 and i'm not interested in one or 3 so i have been on the hunt for a different brand. 
Too faced have some of the most beautiful pallettes i've ever seen.

i think its great because it has different color sections to make different eye shades. Also everyone likes a beautiful looking oalette, well I do anyway. The fact it has 3 different sections excitements me, because normally in a pallete you get all nudes all bright sect, they are always the same shades of colours. So it's nice to see a pallete that has different sections. 

12 days of Christmas

12 days of Christmas contains 12 great products, all different, but all amazing. This can be used as an advent calendar type thing, or even just as a gift. It retails at £50; which seems quite pricy, but I think it's worth it. I haven't actually tried any of the products that are in this gift, but I have used many different lush products in the past. 
     Singular bath bombs are roughly £4 each let alone the 2 soaps and shower gels which the box contains. 
    Dashing Santa, holly Golightly, golden wonder and star light star bright bath melt are all included. 
If you are stuck for ideas, this is a good present, and something quick and easy. I will be doing reviews throughout December on the products involved, so if you are interested in hearing about the products make sure to come back then. 
The packaging is big for what is in inside though i think they have wasted a lot of space to be honest but its really nice. It is presented like a book which i think is a nice idea, its a shame that when you open it all the products are there i think they could have packaged them some how to kind of hide the products because it slightly ruins the element of surprise. I know that on the outside it tells you the contents but i think for some people if they dont want to know, you dont have a choice as soon as you open it. 
Sorry for anyone who didn't want to see the inside but maybe some of you do.. 
As you can see you have 12 sections in the box to keep the products separate, but i didn't really like the fact that the bath bombs haven not been wrapped like they normally would do when you purchase them in singles in the store. 
Here is a photo of the outside packaging, and it is a lot bigger than it actually looks. But i think the packaging is very pretty. 

Time for advent!

Christmas is the season to be jolly! 
Some people dislike Christmas, and I say ' bah humbug' how people can hate on the best time of the year Is a mystery to me; the films, the adverts on tv that truly makes you smile, the presents food and most of all spending time with family. 
       Another good thing about Christmas is ADVENT CALENDARS!!! And now a days it's not just chocolate you can get every day; beauty lovers will know exactly what I'm talking about. Lots of beauty goodies. 
I have found a few on the internet to share with you all. One of which I own and will be sharing with everyone throughout December. 
      First up I'm going to talk about the most popular one that seems to be impossible to get your hands on ' benefit ' calendar, it retails for £60. It contains minis of the popular products. But like I said it's hard to get hold off and is already sold out sadly but i thought id mention it because it's the one I really wanted, and so you know it sells quickly for next year! 

     The body shop and boots also sell a version of their own calendar containing some of their best selling products, they both sell for around £50, I am also unsure weather they are still available, but I'm sure if you really wanted it, you might be able to get your hands on it with a bit of looking. 
      Ciate nail polish calendar is the one I own, and am so excited about opening it every day even though you know what the calendar contains but there is a picture of all the contents on the back of the box. 
       There are different versions of this calendar available as in a local store I bought mine, which is a version that is different to the one for sale online, they are on sale for £49. Like I mentioned at the start you will see all of them as I open every day :) 

If any of you have any calendars, enjoy the contents and treat yourself this Christmas! 

Face wash

Obviously facial wash is really important. 
The nuetrogena pink grapfruit face wash can be purchased from different shops, boots superdrug even supermarkets and retails for around £5. The price changes all the time because of promotional offers, and deals depending on the store etc. 
     The scent of this wash; is to die for. I love the smell of pink grapefruit as it is, so I knew I had to try this eventually. Finally I own it and love it, but it does feel weird putting it on my skin as it's do sweet, it smells just like a perfume I previously own. 
     The product foams up nicely, which I like personally in a face wash, because it's nicer on the skin to see what it's doing kind off.