Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bath shower week!

I'm going to talk about products that I love to use in the bath or shower and would buy again and again, some of these things I've only used once but I know I would buy again, and some are favourites I've had multiple times. I wanted to share things that I couldn't imagine my shower/ baths without. 

Share your loved products with me!! 

Sorry everyone!

I am really sorry for the lack of posts recently, and pretty soon I will go back to Every day posts. But for the time being I don't have the energy to actually sit down and write for you. ( I'm sorry!) as of Saturday I've been in a lot of pain, and after two visits to the dentists I have found out I have a tooth abses! It's extremely painful, and my face has swallon up due to the infection. 
     I actually have to wait until the infection has gone and then they will remove the tooth but for now, I'm stressed in pain and very tired. Lack of sleep does not agree with me! 
So as of next week I'll be back to normal posting I promise! 

Monday, 3 March 2014


Has anyone ever heard of this brand? but maybe im just living in a box because i dont think ive ever heard anything about them. But obviously i dont know everything about every brand in the world.. Does anyone?? 
By the looks of it they are an Australian brand which explains why i have never heard of them, after doing some researching i found out they ship to many countries over the world so im sure some of you know more about this company than me. Apparently they are famously known for their tanning.... learn something new each and every day. 
Here is the link to their website if you want to check it out so you know what im talking about,

Anyway where i was going was that i recently purchased the magazine 'glamour' and this April edition had a great free gift which is obviously cool and is only £2 so grab yours soon! But the product free was from ' modelco' 
There was a choice of different products, 2 lip glosses one pink, one nude, a black eyeliner a lip liner and a mascara! 
I went with the mascara even though it was a hard dission to make! 
I tried the product out this morning and really liked it! Surprisingly impressed. 
Another good thing is that it tells you the retail price so you know exactly how much your saving! Check it out ASAP!


Hair mask- For a pound

I love this hair mask! It's perfect, I am pretty sure I've spoke about many times. 
There is nothing to complain about this product. Even the price at an amazing £1!!! 
I think it makes a huge difference to my ends after washing. I also think the smell is really nice. The brand itself is quite nice, Ive tried quite a few different products from them, from shampoo to heat defence spray. To be honest i don't think are there many products in the range from this company. But i could be wrong just Ive used all the ones i can find.
This Product is from ' argan oil ' and its kind of a knock off dupe for the ' macadamia oil ' products, which Ive never tried because so far i haven't been able to justify spending so much money on a hair product. Yes Ive heard how amazing everything is, and I'm also sure one day i will try it, but up to now i have never have an excuse to spend that much money.  
I first bought this product a long long time ago, thinking oh i will try it but i assume it will make no difference its £1, i mean that is a huge bargain! I've used hair masks before but never that cheap, but i thought for the price i will give it a go, I'm not exactly losing anything (well apart from 100 little pennies ) 
so i picked this up telling myself it will be crap but it isn't! 

Don't get me wrong it isn't the best thing in the world, but if you cant afford anything more pricey just go for this, or especially if your knew to hair masks and don't want to pay out for something and then hate it.