Friday, 31 January 2014

Face Masks! - part 1

I want to talk about some different face masks i've used and how my skin feels afterwards, weather i think there good or not. 
I havent used many and have certainty not used any ' expensive ones ' because obviously thats not what i do on my blog, ( not that i wouldn't like to, just no way could afford it at the moment ) 
Most of these are easy to get your hands on. From local drugstore ;follow to find out USA availability.

Firstly start of cheapest, these i'm sure everyone has tried. ' Montagne Jeunesse ' i think when most people actually buy these they pay no attention to the brand, because i have never even read it before, just looked at what it's for and what it does.  
Here is a picture of huge range that they do! Some i've tried over the years and some i haven't. These one use masks i think are more for ' Slumber Parties ' when your younger, something different to do with the girls, even though at the time really we had no idea what they actually did. There are a few that i remember clearly. 
The packaging is quite nice, they are all slightly different, but i think the colouring is good and different designs to suit the masks.
The ' Sauna masque' ( the red one above ) i remember this one clearly, thinking it wouldnt be as bad as it said, but it was actually qiite painful! It stung and there was no way i was going to leave it on as long as i actually should. My face felt like it was atually on fire! Not something i want to experience again. 
Another one i have used has been the ' peel off ' these were rubbish! It didnt just peel off as it suggested it would, it crumbled off, got under your nails and did nothing! 
I would not reccommend these to people, these tiny one use sachets are £1 and thats just for one use, your better spending more on a tube that your actually going to enjoy and see results and also get more uses from it! 

Next up! 
It's a similar type of mask to the previous but its the 'super drug' brand. These are also around £1, but it seems better value for your money because these are actually enjoyable. 
They have a lot of different types too like the above, i have also used many but not all of these ones. I have bought these when they have been offer to try them out as something a little different 
The above picture shows you the packaging, which i like its colourful and i think it draws you to it, obviously they are actually all the same just with different people and colours. 
I do really like these products, yes i do agree with the others that you can get more moneys worth, but these smell amazing, they have chocolate ones strawberries one and different fragrances, but unlike other products these do actually smell as you expect them too. I dont think they do anything amazing to the skin. 
I havent actually had a bad experience with any of the ones i have tried. I do really recommend the ' White chocolate mousse ' I know it really doesn't sound like something you want to put all over your face, but i didn't really like the smell. I think for £1 they are nice to put in a hamper for a gift, or even to try yourself, just to enjoy the scent for 10 minutes! 
Check them out

USA- The 'super drug' ones are obviously only a UK based shop and with it being their own brand i know you cant buy these from anywhere else but their store.
The ' Montagne Jeunesse' ones can be bought online at, and also can be bought from ' Walmart' 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Recent Wish List!

I've wanted several products for a while so i thought i would put them in a wish list form, not just to share with you, but so i can remember ; and tick off in my head what I've bought. If that makes any sense, it does in my head but out loud I'm not so sure!!
All of these things are beauty related weather it be skin care, make up and others. 
I'm going to try and do a wish list as often as i can, 

First up is ' Rimmel London apocalypse ' These have been around for a while now and i still haven't tried them! It's unreal that it's taking me this long to try one out. Soon i will!!
The colour i want ( this most boring ) is ' Luna ' it's the nude shade, i like to stick to what I know and play it safe. You can never go wrong with a nude as it suits everyone!! 
I've inserted a picture but I'm sure you know exactly what these look like!
You can buy these from a lot of places, as I'm sure you can abroad .
In the UK you can get these from ' Super drug ' ' Boots ' and I'm sure even some 'Wilkinson's'  and ' Savers' 
In USA they have a whole different name ( the product looks exactly the same ) 
They are called ' Show Off ' 
Obviously I'm not American, but i have been trying to do some research for anyone that hasn't seen these yet! You can purchase these from 'Walgreens' 
First thing i will do when i do eventually buy this perfect colour is share it with you!! 

Next up is a skin care product, It seems silly that i always i want to try out basically the same product but from a different brand, but i guess then i know what one is best. 
This one is the  ' Garnier Micellar water ' Basically at the moment i'm using exactly the same product but from ' Loreal Paris ' 
At Boots both products are the same price, But the Garnier is TWICE the size. It's amazing that for the same thing the difference is price. So not only is it better value for your money, i've heard it to be a ' Bioderma' dupe. Which i do have to say the packaging is very similar! 
I'm Excited to see how this tackles my dark eye make up removal! 
In the UK you can buy this from ' Boots ' and i've also heard that you can buy it from ' Savers ' for £2.99! but you'll have to check that one out!! 
You can also buy this product online at 

This is just a quick post, let me know if you want me to do these more often?? 
Also let me know if there is any products from the drugstore UK you want me to review and give my thoughts on!! 


Hey everyone! Just a quick post, I have been using the loreal skin perfection,' velvety-soft toner' I have had this product for a while, on my second bottle, I like it but it does not agree with eye make up! It should not go anywhere near your eyes! It's stings and is really painful, makes your eyes water and go bright red, I don't know if it's just me but it hurts! On the skin it's really nice, but I needed something for my eyes as well rather than using two different products to remove make up at night.
 I'm now using a different product from the same range that I read a lot of reviews about and wanted to try for a while, I'm now using this product 
3 in 1 purifying micellar solution. This product is amazing! It removes all make up including all eye make up, it also doesn't sting the eyes in any way! It's amazing and I will constantly keep buying this until I find anything as good! 
Really recommend it!! 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New born baby!

Isn't it wonderful when a new life comes into the world, a new baby that gets to meet everyone after 9 months all screwed up. 
This is the situation I'm in right now. There is a new edition to the family ( no it's not mine ) I have a nephew! And he is beautiful!! So beautiful I can't believe it. His little hands and feet are perfect all wrinkly. His little cry is wonderful, because he can't actually cry yet it's like a little squeal. He was born 28th January! A day old! I want to steel him away, appricate new life's because they are so beautiful!!! 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

New nail Treats

Christmas is all over and gone for another year! 
But i'm still trying to go through my gifts to share with you guys... it just seems to be never ending after having a birthday so close to christmas!

But i think i'm all nearly done and finished boring you guys!, i tried to do them in separate posts because obviously some were hair face shower etc, and i didn't get much for christmas overall to share with everyone!!
Today is something different its nails! which i dont really go on about to much! My lovely partner who knows me to well :) bought me 3 ' Barry M ' nail varnishes for christmas. Obviously with it being christmas time he chose to go for the glitters. He bought me a red glitter that i think has been out for a while.. i might be mistaken.
it's beautiful, in the packaging and on the nails. I always worry about glitters not coming off my nails, because everyone knows how much of a pain they are to remove, but ' Barry M ' have surprised me! it comes off as easy as goes on. It does take a few coats to fully go opaque, but i dont mind that because most normal nail varnishes need a good 2 coats before they look great! 

He also bought me 2 limited editions from superdrug. 2 beautiful colours! 
One is a silvery glitter with pink glitter a swell, it's really nice looks beautiful on, after about 3 coats it looks perfect! It's a bit of a nightmare doing 3 coats every time but it drys quite quickly, so I don't mind too much. It really sparkles in the light. 
The last one is a gold glitter, but it's more like strands of glitter unlike the other two. I haven't really used this one yet because obviously I don't have that many hands to keep painted, but I have tried it and like the other one it needs a good 3 coats to look good. But it is really nice. This is also a superdrug limitipn edition one; 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pallete time!

This product is so exciting as you can see it's the ' naked 2 ' this is just a un boxing type blog because I haven't actually used it yet, I've swatched and the colour looks amazing! But so they should!! 
This was actually a birthday prezzie ( just got it a bit late :p ) but I don't mind! It's so cool, and it feels stupid but when you buy something so expensive you just can't stop looking at it! Well that's how it is for me! :D 
The colours are perfect, all great colours that you use together in lots of different ways! I've been using this a lot since I got this, I love it! 
It doesn't move a single bit! I recommend anyone to buy a naked pallete weather it's one two or three, they just are amazing, quite expensive but 100% worth it! 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A very exciting purchase!

I love it when you finally buy a product you've been wanting for a very long time. It's so exciting walking into a shop and saying today is the day I will actually buy this! 
Today was that day! 
For so long I've been wanting to own a high end product, and I thought it was never going to happen, you have to really be in the mood to splurge on something that costs more than a drugstore product. 
I finally am the proud owner of ' porefessional!' Obviously this is the raved product by ' benefit' I haven't tried the product yet because I only bought it today, but I have a few pictures of the box and packaging to show you, and after sevral uses I will tell you exactly what I think about it. 
This is the box exactly how it comes, the packaging tells you how to use it, and what exactly it does to your skin. It says ' to use under make up: apply to moisturized skin to help make up stay put. Focus on problem areas & blend with fingertips. 
To use over makeup: pat on lightly over makeup & blend. 
As most people know this product claims to minimize the appearance of pores to make skin appear smoother. 
This is the product itself you can see it's quite big, 22.0ml of product to be In fact. 
The packaging is very nice, as you expect a higher end product to be. 
This retails at £24.50, and you can buy it from several shops. I bought mine from ' John Lewis ' 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A few little shower goodies!

I'm awful at over buying, I do it all the time. But extra shower gels in case of emergencies, shampoo hand wash fabric conditioner wash powder washing up liquid, anything that I think I can stock up on I do! 
     And today wasn't anything different, a visit to town means a visit to superdrug! On today list was hand wash shower gel, shampoo an conditioner. I'm a sucker for a good offer and today didn't disappoint! 
    I wasn't planning on buying any of these things but couldn't resist, I love the smell of the new radox shower gels, the smell is so fruity and strong. The packaging is nice and so is the product! 
Today I bought the cherry one, in the red packaging. It smells beautiful! I'm looking forward to using it but I have a Nivea one in my shower at the moment so will be a while before I open it! I will let you know what I think of it, but I'm sure I'm going to love it. I love a fruity fragrance in the shower. 
I also wanted to get another hand wash for when the one I'm using at the moment runs out, normally I just get a plain one; nothing exciting, this time I went for different! I saw that radox was on sale for £1.00 so there was a few choices but I clearly chose the best! ' pink grapefruit!' I love this smell ever since I had something from the body shop in this fragrance, it smells amazing! So excited to open it up!! 
Last but not least I bought some more shampoo and conditioner, ' dove ' I haven't used it for a while, I was actually looking to buy the new dove dry shampoo but I found this instead. Dove intense repair, it's the white packaging with blue writing! It was on sale at £1.50 a bottle, I could not walk past and not buy! Even though I already have a lot stocked up it will be a while until I use it, but I can't wait! ( I might have a cheeky wash ) I don't think to have lots of bottles open at the same time, but who knows I don't know if I can wait that long!! 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Finally I have some products from Santuary! I say this.... But I haven't used anything yet, it takes me a while because I like to wait until I'm ready! ( silly I know ) 
     I actually bought it just after Christmas  in the boots half price sale, it was a big gift set that was fully priced at £20, which I thought was very cheap anyway. But obviously it only cost me £10! A huge bargain. 
The set includes a body scrub, a body wash, a body butter, a small hand lotion and a puffy thing! ( everyone calls them different but I'm sure you know what I mean ) but I think it's amazing value for money. 
I also recommend that after next Christmas which is obviously a while yet! You go and stock up on presents for the year or even treat yourself, it's a great way of saving money! I will be trying to do that in future, because you will get a lot more for your money! 


I was bought a few little bits from Avon for Christmas, and I thought I would share them with you because I really do like them! 
    When I was younger eye make up was my favirote and my sister doesn't really know me very well anymore because that's what she bought me ( I am grateful ) but now a days as I've got older it's not all about the eyes. But the products I received I really do like! 
I received two glimmer sticks in black, just plain eyeliners basically but they aren't a pencil, I can't actually explain what they are. They are quite good to use above the eye for winged liner etc. 
original price is £6, and that seems steap to me because they don't last that long, but quite often they are £3, so your better off to stock up on quite a few while they are cheaper! 
They also do different colours but I can't comment on them because I've always been safe and just got black, maybe one day I'll be adventurous! 
I also received a super shock mascara, I get through mascaras very quickly. Sadly my partner bought me a mac mascara so obviously I haven't used the avon one much because I've been too excited! 
But I have used it a couple of times, and I really like it! I love the packaging too, the tube is really thick and it has a slight leopard print marking on it, but it looks quite expensive but it's matte. The wand is thick and makes it easy to get to the smaller corner and the bottom Lashes! 
I don't know the rough price of this because I am not an avon user anymore and would have no idea, but knowing avon it's normally between £6-£10, depending on promotions on at the time etc. 
if you haven't used any of avon products, then I think you should try some because there are some products that I love and would repurchase again again if it was easier to buy! 

Friday, 17 January 2014


This week I'm going to review a few products, that are quite new, I want to let you know my opinions obviously on the product as a whole, from colour pay off, to packaging and price :) I know I do these quite a lot but I love reading reviews on things so hopefully you lot like them too! Today I have a few blushes that I bought a few months ago,  so I thought it was a good time to discuss them as I've had time to use them a lot :) 
So today I'm going to talk about sleek, sadly when I want to buy something from sleek I either have to buy it online from sleek official or from superdrug, or the other option is when I go to a city I can buy things from there. Sadly we don't have a sleek counter anywhere close to me. It's about an hour and a half away. How pathetic! It makes me angry. So obviously I bought these a while ago when I went to Nottingham. 
I was standing for a while deciding what shades to get and just ended up buying 2.
I bought the most obvious of all ' rose gold ' which is the most common blusher made by sleek, so it was obvious if everyone else had it, it had to be good and i didnt want to be the other only without one!
     It is a lovely colour, pink with slight gold glitter, I've had lots of compliments telling me how nice the colour looks, it's a nice flush of pink but the glitter looks like your more awake and gives you shine ( I need it ) being pale my face always looks dull so this colour helps lots! 
         The second one I brought was ' Sahara ' this is more of a brown/orangey shade, I thought it didn't look to bright and when I did a slight swatch I though it would look nice and glowing. I was 100% right. It's lovely and really brings colour to your cheeks, personally I think this one is more of a summer colour and I've stopped using it now because I don't have any tan now the sun has disappeared it doesn't suit my skin tone anymore. 
       Both these blushers are lovely and we're both around £4.99, from ' super drug ' they have a huge range of colours! The packaging is great I think it looks like it coat a lot more then a fiver! Sleek is exactly how I would describe the packaging, black and clean. With the ' sleek ' logo on it slightly. The blushers also have a mirror in which is very handy! 
      I will definitely buy more colours!! And recommend them to all of you! 

Hair Care

I wanted to mention a few products I've been using on my hair that I've been enjoying. They aren't to pricey and are just normal products that most people use from day to day.
i've started using a new shampoo and conditioner recently, i dont think it is anything amazing but it smells amazing!!
Its just a simple one from ' Garnier Fructis ' 

i've inserted a picture here, as you can see what it looks like, its nothing exciting, the packaging is normal, it says that is is great to protect colour, and apparently helps to stop the hair from fading. 

It Smells Beautiful! its a shampoo/conditioner that you can get out the shower and it still smells fresh and nice. I buy this from ' Home Bargains' so its super cheap about 99p a bottle i dont think anyone can complain at that price! My hair always feels so soft after a good wash using these products, highly recommend them to anyone!

I have also been using quite a lot of treatments and products after i've washed my hair. I have been using ' argan oil' products for a while as i think they are super inexpensive, work and smell nice too. I started off with the shampoo and conditioner and really enjoyed them.
I recently purchased the ' argan oil hair treatment ' its a small 330ml bottle that holds product ( oil ) i use a tiny drop after a shower and apply to my hair mainly the ends, but i use it about half way up my hair too. 
I also have been using the ' argan oil heat defence leave in spray ' i use this just as i would any other heat defence. The smell is quite nice and the bottle is 150ml so its quite reasonably sized. 

i've also finally tried a different dry shampoo from the obvious and famous ' batiste ' 
it's the ' vo5 refresh me quick ' and i really like it ! it's nice to try a different one every once in a while, it doesn't leave that awful white substance that batiste leave. I've heard a lot of good stuff about the dove one as well so i will be trying that soon!!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

2013 is over!

What a year 2013 was, Not only for me but for the beauty industry. Lots of new products ( still a lot I want to try ) And some things that I never will own. 
Starting off on a few things that I have tried and love or hated. 
' Rimmel Baby Lips '
There was so much hype over these new lip balms with colour, and i was so excited to try them. Sadly it was a while after they were launched in the UK that i could try them because my local stores weren't stocking them. Amazingly my partner actually ordered me one of the internet to my surprise.
I actually have tried the one ' cherry me ' it has a very vibrant tint of pink, which is very nice. I also found that after a while it left it stain to my lips which was quite annoying because it is very moisturising for my lips but the staining is annoying. I do like the product though and would like to try the other ones, that is the only down side though. 
' Rimmel stay matte foundation '
I LOVE this product, it is one of the best foundations i have used in a long time, i have used it constantly and surprising it lasts a very long time. A little goes a long way, it is amazing at hiding redness and blemishes and does everything i want a foundation to do. So obviously i cant ask for anything more in a product. I will also buy this again and again, as i have loved it constantly. 
I dont think there any products that have been launched this year that i've actually tried apart from the two above.
Products i want to try and have heard great things about
' rimmel appoclips '

' boujour colour boost lip crayons '
' revlon just bitten lip stain '
' revlon just bitten kissable balms '
These are things that i am wanting to try very soon.
i would love to get a ' Urban Decay Naked pallet ' too this year especially as the ' NAKED 3 ' launched in 2013. 

Let me know what products you have tried last year and loved. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Hey everyone!
I've recently come out of hospital and even though this is horrible for me personally my skin loves a good break! It's a time when i dont have to worry about wearing make up ( well foundation etc anyway ) So as you can imagine my skin is in quite good condition at the moment, so since i've been out i'm trying my hardest to keep it that way! 

With only a few blemishes i can get away with only wearing conclears in places instead of ' slapping it on '
I've started re using products i've used before, that i know that work. Obviously as well as keeping my skin care routine as it should be, cleansing it night and in the morning. I'm using my 'neutrogena wave' again after taking all my make up off and then using a gentle face wash ( which brand changes all the time ) I then like to put a night moisturiser on before bed and a few different things like wrinkle cream around my eyes.
In the morning i use the wave again and a day moisturiser before i apply my make up and let it soak in.
But i've also been using my loreal skin perfection toner at night to make sure my skin is 100% clear of make up and dirt.
Freederm products have come out again, including the overnight clearing serum which i apply all over my face at bed time, and my ' fast track ' which does what it says works quickly to visibly reduce redness and the size of the spots. i like all the products i use, and i hope everyone else has a very good skin care routine too!!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Hair Dryer!

Finally I have A new hair dryer! 

To most people something as simple as a hair dryer is nothing special, but when you have been using an old one for a long time, that cuts out when it wants ; and some days its like it cant be bothered to even wake up! 
So to my surprise on Christmas day i got a new one! and its even better when its unexpected and a gift.

This is the exact one i received  ' Tresemme 2200 body ' as you can see it can with 4 big hair rollers, a big diffuser and also a 24 hour product made by 'Tresemme'. 
I love it! its really light weight, and ( obviously it was a gift ) but i think to buy it doesn't cost to much so if anyone is looking for a new hair dryer then i think you should see if you can find this one somewhere, as it comes with a few little extras that not all hair dryers come with. Or maybe even for a gift for someone ( valentines day isn't to far away now ) and everyone has a birthday each year :)  Its quick and hot but isn't too hot that it burns your head ( we've all done that!) It isn't to noisy, and obviously does what it says on the tin, Blow drys hair. Also it has a little pink on it and pink is good in any girls life no matter what they say! 

Sunday, 12 January 2014


I hope everyone had a great christmas! And now everyone is feeling fatter then ever, well i am feeling that now!
I havent done any blogs for months!! I couldn't actually believe i stopped doing it to be honest, obviously at the time i must of had alot going on, and for some reason never got back into it. Well i'm back to work hard and make up on lost time!! 

This is just a quick one to say as of tomorrow i'll be back to my normal self blogging at every available chance about anything i possibly can!!